Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is specialised wing of Ayurved treatment. It is vaman, virechan, nasya, raktamokshan and basti. These five treatments aims at shodhan chikitsa.

That means these treatments are given to take out the toxic elements in the body out. However, nowadays, there are plenty of other treatments which are given under panchakarma head, which are very soothing and relaxing and pain relieving. panchakarma treatments should be always taken under supervision and by advise of Ayurved specialist only as these are NOT spa treatments

Why should I take Panchakarma?

Our body is continuously going under the process of metabolism. In the years, the sludge gets accumulated in the body. It helps for the vitiation of Vat,Pitta and Kapha.This gives rise to different disorders.

So to avoid this, one can take needed panchakarma. Also when there is disorder in the body many times panchakarma helps for faster relief and it also helps for better absorbtion of medicines.

Is Panchakarma done in diseased state ?

Not really. Any healthy person can also undergo panchakarma treatment by his Ayurved doctor’s advise. When in diseased state, panchakarma is given if needed and also considering patient’s capacity to tolerate it.

How long is the process?

Any panchakarma is usually done in the course. It is not one time treatment. Also, taking all panchakarma in a span of a week is also not recommended by science. It takes 7 days for each panchakarma treatment.

How much time does it take?

It depends on which karma is advised. Approximately time is 1 hour to 2.5 hours per day. That is why Panchakarma treatment should be given by appointment which suits to patient and clinic time. At Ojas Ayurved we do consider patients schedule and then fix the appointment suitably.

Am I required to take leave?

It depends on many factors. For a normal person, taking one or two panchakarma it can be done with your office on. If you work half day or opt option of “Work from home” it suits better. You need not take complete leave but should be ready to take a holiday for a day if reuired.

All panchakarma are given to everybody or they are selected?

No. It is not required to give all panchakarma to everybody. That is why it should be done with medical check-up. Your doctor can decide which panchakarma is needed to your body.

What is effectiveness period of panchakarma?

It depends. In healthy person it can be 6 to 8 months. In diseased condition it can be a bit less.

Can I take panchakarma in healthy state to avoid future illnesses?

Yes. You can take panchakarma treatment in healthy state. It helps to avoid future illnesses.

What is the cost of Panchakarma Treatment?

Panchakarma treatment is in a course. It involves daily 2-3 hours with freshly daily prepared medicines. It needs trained staff. It needs special theaters.

Also, it depends on which panchakarma is suggested to you by your doctor. So once your check up is done and the karma is decided the cost can be finalized and it is well explained to patient with various modes of payments available. It differs from patient to patient.

Do you treat skin diseases?

Yes we do treat skin disease including psoriasis and other allergic skin disorders