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Welcome to Ojas Panchakarma Treatment

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welcome to ojas panchakarma treatments

Established in 1994, ojas panchakarma treatments is committed to creating a healthy society.
The word Ojas emerges from the very vital element of life - Tej, which also means radiance.

ojas panchakarma treatments is located in Pune, India. Pune has a very rich history as being India’s ayurved knowledge centre.

Listen lectures on various diseases (in marathi language)

On Radio : Lecture on 'Different occupations and their effects on your lifestyle'  Listen Lectures (in Marathi Language) of Dr Sarita Vaidya on Ayurveda on Global radio Channel Marathi internet radio Click on the following link and play the radio to listen lecture in marathi.

Following are the Lectures of Dr Sarita Vaidya on World Radio in Marathi Language:


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